Propagandists Beware!

FOOD_FIGHT AKA @VTwinCrucible(Please Note: If you are here for reason of being under attack, please click "SpamBlock" link to your left, if you need more info on who you are dealing with, click on "SockPuppetAttack" also to your left) I'm coming for you, coming to put your lies and propaganda to rest. I will take apart each and every false accusation, half-truth and out-and-out lie, dissect them to their core, expose to those you harrass the truth. I will address each issue you put forth, the often repeated lies that need to be explained so even a child or a Low Information Voter can understand it. Each subject will get it's own little page, archived, searchable, and easily retrieved for swift dispatch to harrassed sponsors with links to pertinent and acceptable sources that will not include "The Kos", "HuffPo" or "MMfA" StopRush financiers and puppeteers. More sources will be from out of the country because our media has become corrupt and complicit.

I am going to ask other concerned foes of #StopRush to help me in this endeavor, and together we will inform all of those you've been terrorizing of the Truth you've been witholding and of the lies and deception you've been spreading.This is only the opening salvo of a battle you will not win. This war will be won by TRUTH.

Coming Soon, For Your Entertainment!

Coming soon I have acquired a site named and I will be showcasing #StopRush activists and their sock puppet accounts and engage in the personal destruction practices they seem to like to engage in. I personally find it distasteful, but will grin and bare it, as this is war, and war is sometimes distasteful. Guard your stuff my droogies, everyone has a closet, and I plan on airing out yours!

@Units13 AKA Kate O, another disgruntled libturd!

On special request by a fan who wished I would remove their photo from my rogue gallery ( ahhh. that's a catchy idea! ) I decided to show it off here for a while. She threatened to lawyer up, but Me thinks it's just bluster. Here for your viewing pleasure, a girl ( I think ) sans the make-up, dressed in a Sandra Fluke T-Shirt, by God, and as mad as a StopRush wacko ever was!

@unit13 AKA Katie O